Q. How do you choose the stallholders?

A. All of the applications will be assessed upon arrival against our criteria and those that meet these specifications will then be considered for inclusion at our events. Space is limited, so we will choose sites by excellence in product/produce, locality, diversity and commitment to using our fresh and abundant local produce. It is important that stallholders are committed to working collaboratively with festival organisers to produce a quality event and ensure that we continue to grow and our visitors return year after year. Menu and site presentation is highly regarded.

Q. How large are the stallholder sites?

A. Due to the limited space available, our sites are 3m x 3m in size. Preference will be given to stallholders that are able to comply with these site requirements. Larger sites can be accommodated and can be discussed with site organisers upon request.

Q. Can I choose my own site location?

A. No. We will be working to create different spaces and areas of similar interest for consumers in the attempt to create a flow to the event space and easy access. There are many other logistical reasons behind these decisions also, but all areas will have equal opportunity to impress. We are also not able to guarantee a particular position such as a corner site.

Q. Will I have exclusivity for my product?

A. The short answer is NO. Only major sponsors will receive any exclusivity of product and this will be by negotiation. Some sponsors may allow the sale of similar products and it will be dependent on their decision. We will endeavour to position sites of similar product away from one another, however this is not always possible.

Q. Can you guarantee that we will do well (sales) at the event?

A. No we are unable to guarantee sales of your product. This is dependent on many factors including your menu option, price and stall site attractiveness. The number of factors are endless so it is important that your product and menu is exceptional to receive good sales. Guests are looking for great value and each person has a unique interest in particular types of food and beverage. It is also important to consider special dietary requirements and food allergies.

People are very careful with money, so it is possible that your sales may fluctuate from day to day and year to year at this event. You need to be engaging to visitors as opposed to sitting looking bored or disinterested in the event. We also cannot control the weather either. We are an outdoor tasting event, so expect the weather to have a possible impact on your sales.

Q. Do I really need to get Public Liability Insurance?

A. Yes. This is not negotiable and required at most if not all events. We require a minimum of $10 million public and products liability.

Q. What health regulations are required?

A. You MUST be compliant with local council regulations with regard to food safety and regulations. You must be a registered temporary or food business with Tweed Shire Council or another council. Go to www.tweedshirecouncil.com.au for more information

All stallholders must have their food handling certificate as safety with food is essential. Head to www.foodstandards.gov.au

If Tweed Shire Council visits your site during the event and shuts down your stall, we will not stop them and you will not receive a refund. You need to ensure that you are compliant with all council regulations and requirements.

Q. Do I need safety equipment?

A. Every site requires safety equipment to comply with regulations and requirements. All food and beverage sites are required to have a fire extinguisher. All food sites will also require a fire blanket (please check what you need with the relevant authorities). Take the time to assess your site set up and the requirements needed to make it safe.

It is also important that all your staff are aware of what and where your safety equipment are.

Q. Do I need work cover?

A. You need to get advice on your business by a professional. Your employees and you (if you are employed by your business) need to be covered in the event of an accident. Taste of Kingscliff and Tweed Coast will not be held liable for injuries to you or your employees on the way to Taste of KTC, or while they are carrying out their work during and at the event, or when they are on their way home from the event.

Q. What do we do if it rains?

A. The event will not be cancelled or postponed. Take measures to make your site weather proof in the event of inclement weather. Do not leave product or produce on the ground in cardboard boxes for example or leave items in a position that would enable it to be damaged or spoilt.